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  • Dove season is almost upon us. Our dove blinds, dove hide blinds are great ground blind, portable camouflage hunting blinds
    • The dimensions are 189" long or 15.75 feet and it expands to 52" tall with 43" of that being material.
    • You can angle it however, for whatever situation and position needed.
    • Use a Dovehide blind not only in the dove field but also as a duck blind come winter! Compact size for easy toting into and out of the field.
    • Convenient carabineer clips located on the inside of the blind for your dog, decoys, or birds, ext.
    • Great for keeping your gear out of the dirt and out of the way while shooting.
    • Heavy-duty gun strap on the outside of the case for toting your gun and blind into and out of the field.
    • Simple construction for trouble-free assembly and disassembly in the harshest conditions.
    • Durable construction accompanied with variable height options for hunters of all heights.
  • Easy convenient size case for easy insertion and removal
  • Carabineer clips for dog, decoys, etc.
  • Convenient strap for gun carrying
  • Simple construction and simple deployment
  • Heavy duty construction, variable height deployment
  • Other brands? Complicated, no case or impossible to reinsert
    • Flimsy poles
    • Leaf cut material catches excess debris
    • Much more expensive
    • Less functional
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